From Survivor to Thriver

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Not of My Making

Bullying, Scapegoating and Misconduct in Mainline Churches

By Margaret W. Jones, Ph.D.




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Book Description

Coming from a childhood marred by abuse and neglect, Margaret Jones sought comfort and safety in a community of faith. When conflict erupted within her congregation, clergy diverted attention away from their own mistakes by calling into question her emotional and mental stability. Accused of being the problem she was pushed out of church nearly shattering her faith, her life and her marriage. This is the story of one woman’s courageous struggle to recover from spiritual abuse and find justice for herself and her family.


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… an incredible personal story …  reveals the candid story of her own courageous battle to recover from spiritual abuse and find justice for herself and her family. Down to earth, emotionally gripping … essential reading for anyone who has ever struggled or felt as though they didn't fit in with their faith community. … Not of My Making is a book that will be talked about for years and is especially recommended for anyone who feels rejected by their church, their community, or their God.  —Tonya Thul-Theis Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) November 17, 2008


.. well written memoir ... clearly shows how neglect and abuse in childhood affects one even well into adulthood. --Connie Harris, TCM Reviews, November 2008

This in-depth, honest book provides interesting insight into the collective mindset of many churches. ... How Dr. Jones finally found God and His place for her is a timely, vital read. --
The Mindquest Review of Books, Winter, 2008


Dr. Jones has written an intensely personal - yet I suspect quite universal - memoir of her experiences with bullying and peer pressure. Robbed of her childhood voice by abusive, neglectful parents, she was easy prey for neighborhood bullies, and grown-up pedophiles, as well. ...
This is not a scholarly treatise on human behavior, as one might expect from a Ph.D., but a well-written chronicle of events that pulls us in and compels us to turn the pages. Scenes are depicted, characters are located, and the action propels the reader through the aptly titled chapters. …

Here is a courageous story, told well. It's the account of a woman who refused to be silenced. It's that one woman's story, but I believe she speaks for countless others. — Joanne Carnevale, A reader and writer reviews, May 21, 2008




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